Peace Virus

by Constant Harmony

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All songs performed with live takes and not tracked except She's got it and Loveless. Didgeridoo on She's Got it by Israel Berube.


released February 19, 2015

Lee Sillery: Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Producer
Jenny Sillery: Drums and Vocals

Special thanks to:
Israel "Summon" Berube, Eric Lisausky, Julian Smith "phat J", Zachary Dana, Erin Johnson, Christopher Lunsford, Amy Sillery, and all of our fans.



all rights reserved


Constant Harmony Albuquerque, New Mexico

Constant Harmony = 3 siblings: Lee, Jenny, and Amy Sillery

Jenny= Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Amy= Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Lee = Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Yes, we all switch off during our live show and share the instruments. Come watch as we destroy your face. :)
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Track Name: Kaleidoscope
Running away on my own
I'll get a cloud to call my own
sailing away, into the neon sunset glow
don't look back there's nothing left
the city is gone, a blackened stain upon the earth
these are the things that we regret

[Where will you be
when the stars collide
and the sky begins to fall]

Surfing my way through darkened clouds
all the pigs they've all gone south
they chose the wrong path
the path of power greed and lust
once you turn you can't go back
the enemies of the people of the Earth stand down
the lense of truth will burn you out

Track Name: Black Hole
Waiting on a New Day
She Sits in a Glass cage
fill it in, for tomorrow
take a step and, come on and go

Waiting for the sun to go down
where she sits, no one ever knows
fill it in, for tomorrow
take a step and, come on and go

On the way down, she was stumbling
and she fell into the nothingness
Track Name: Ugly
There she goes, walked away without even looking back
shes got a hole in her soul
everywhere she goes, she leaves heel prints as she rolls

There he goes
tongue is stiff from mediocrity
eye just like stone
you peer inside of them
you'll never find his soul
all alone
no one's there
laying down
in your hair

I got a hole in my sould
and deep inside of me
I'll never let it go

You're so ugly, how can anyone be so fucking mean
You're so ugly, how can anybody be so fucking mean

She's ugly, he's ugly, you're ugly, I'm ugly
we're ugly, so ugly, so ugly
so ugly it hurts
Track Name: She's Got It
She falls away
inside her head
everything falls apart in the end
Spontaneous being now
everything falls apart

I feel so numb

She's working late
she has it all
finding out about love

Pay the price
in the after life
or will she not give a fuck

I feel so numb

Universal love
I feel so numb
Track Name: Loveless
All my love
is gone today
where has it gone
so far away
forever entombed in my mind
all that is left of the time
all my love
all my love

and If ever find love again
I'm never letting go of it
Track Name: Those Eyes
When I think about you it makes me sad
all the times we had
and how both of us were completely mad
and then I think about what we could've had
and I fucked up what we should have had

[I'll always remember those time that we had
I'll never forget those eyes that you have]

never look down at the things that you've done
only look forward at things to come
and you know you know you're my favorite mistake
and it's just one more heart pill to take


and it's time to move on
Track Name: Ode to Mother
All aboard, all aboard the crazy train
nothing left, nothing left but decay
bright blue planet in the sky you're the reason we're alive
where are you gonna run when there's no where left to hide

[ We are under the sun and she protects us from it all]

All alone trapped alone inside your cage
nothing left to see, nothing left to be it's deranged
bright blue planet in the sky you're the marvel of our mind
where are you gonna run when there's no where left to hide

[repeat chorus]
Track Name: Pathetic Robot
The apathy is killing me tonight
the apathy cuts me like a knife
the apathy is eating me alive

and it's alright
and it's alright

You're not alone